Mike Works For You.

For 28 years, Councilman-at-large Mike Williams has only had one boss: the citizens of Akron. While running for Mayor, he has made no backroom deals with other politicians and is not beholden to corporate cash. In the truest sense of the words, as Mayor, Mike will work for you.

What Has Mike Done?
Looking Back on 28 Years of Leadership

Economic Development

Thousands of Akron jobs can be traced back to votes cast by Mike: Goodyear, Bridestone/Firestone, GOJO, Sterling Jewelers, Summa, First Energy, Mike Pruitt Honda, Park Acura, the Biomedical Corridor, the Akron Business Accelerator, and many more. Mike was part of the team that created the JEDDs.

Crime & Safety

Mike has stood with neighborhood residents numerous times in rallies and task forces against drugs, crime, and youth violence. He has fought for expanded budgets for crime prevention and supported gun buyback programs. He has sponsored bills against graffiti, loud car stereos, and loitering in drug areas.

Downtown Revitalization

Mike sponsored the bill that brought the Aeros to Akron and Canal Park to downtown. He has also been involved with a number of other downtown projects, including the John S. Knight Center, Lock 3, Akron Art Museum, Children's Hospital, Summa, CitiCenter, Main Place, and many others.

Neighborhood Revitalization

Mike has been a longtime advocate for neighborhood revitalization, voting in support of schools, parks, community centers libraries, and grocery stores across Akron. Mike holds one of the highest records for calling in complaints about tall grass and other issues caused by abandoned homes.

Defending Citizens' Rights

Mike has always been a champion for Akron's citizens. He has supported renter's rights over negligent landlords, fought against cable rate increases, stood against unmonitored/unannounced speed-trap cameras, and advocated for citizens' right to speak at City Council meetings.

Akron's Sewer Project

Mike voted AGAINST the sewer rate increases caused by the poor relationship between the past administration and the federal judge. He opposed the leasing of the city's sewer system, which would have increased the costs even more. Mike voted to help those who are struggling with increased water rates.

Youth Issues

Mike voted in support of summer job programs and after school programs for youth. He participated in a task force against youth violence. Mike championed the installation of a traffic light where a student was killed in front of Buchtel High School. He has also stood against funding cuts for youth arts programs.

Arts, Culture, & Recreation

Mike voted in support of a wide variety of arts funding, art institutions, recreation centers, parks, sports fields, grants for local festivals, and every section of the Towpath Trail that passes through Akron. He worked with UA to prevent the elimination of the University's Multicultural Center.

What Will Mike Do?
Committed to Akron's Ongoing Progress

Neighborhood Revitalization

Mike will bring together residents, businesses, and property owners to create comprehensive revitalization plans for every Akron neighborhood. We will look at what makes our neighborhoods unique, explore existing assets that can serve as foundations for growth, discuss our concerns, and focus resources where needed.

Economic Development

Mike will refocus the Economic Development Department on Akron's local small- and medium-sized businesses where the most opportunity for job growth exists. By thinking local, every dollar we spend can recirculate several times in Akron’s economy. Efforts to attract international business to Akron will continue, and full reports of these efforts will be made available to the public.

Crime & Safety

Mike will work to improve the relationship between police and the community they serve. The most effective policing happens when the community and police work together in an atmosphere of trust to build safer neighborhoods. Mike also supports job training programs for youth and past offenders to keep them on the right track to success.

Akron's Sewer Project

Other communities have been successful at renegotiating their EPA mandates, extending costs over time, and reducing monthly payments. While renegotiating, Mike will avoid the sour tone that caused problems for Akron's past administration. Mike is also firmly committed making sure that Akronites get a significant portion of the jobs created for the sewer project.

Youth Issues

Mike will create a cabinet-level position that is dedicated to youth issues. This person will be tasked with connecting existing youth programs with the resources they need and connecting parents with programs for their children. They will also coordinate programs that provide positive activities for youth: education, sports, the arts, and job training.

Vacant Homes & Damaged Roads

Some abandoned homes can be saved through work programs and reduced price sales, but others are beyond repair and encourage crime. Mike will increase the speed of addressing the issues of abandoned homes and tall grass. He will also call for the full funding of road and infrastructure repair, which has been underfunded for years.

University of Akron Budget Cuts

Cuts at UA impact our student and faculty residents, local businesses, area arts organizations, and Akron's youth who benefit from exposure to the arts and other programs. It is important to bring all of these perspectives to the table in an open dialogue. UA does not exist in a vacuum. It is part of the greater community, and that comes with responsibility.